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Climate protection and the related reduction of fossil fuels are the subject of worldwide attention, which are related in the property market to demanding changes for owners. Owners of apartment complexes , that place value increasing returns, react comparatively serenely to the increasing demands in building isolation and housing technology. They find the prospect of a property value increase after a refurbishment and of the justified higher rents appealing. On the other hand the considerable decreasing utility costs are a benefit for the tenants.

The energy prices have doubled over the past 15 years and an end of the price increase is not to be seen. That is why consumers have developed a special sensitivity for the subjects energy and costs.

Given the worldwide climate debate, energy conservation in buildings also has become a key political subject. The Federal Government is raising the development program for environmentally friendly building restorations and is therefore providing considerably more reduced credits for owners.

Due to the energy conservation regulations which came into effect in 2007, the issuing of energy passes for existing buildings was introduced. The aim is a energy assessment of all buildings in Germany. Energy related renovations, that serve for a minimisation of the energy consumption for heating, warm water and ventilation, will be essential for many house owners. Owners that cannot fulfil the demands on time are risking a decrease in value of their properties.

We from AGENA property management have assisted in the energy renovation measures of a range of buildings and have a widespread experience in this area.

The priority lies in the energy related modernisation of housing objects.

An experienced and motivated team of architects, business people and counsellors guarantee a integrated technical, commercial and judicial project supervision and ensure, that all parties involved in the project operate systematically and according to the terms of the developer.

We are experts when it comes to the energy related renovation

Whoever is planning a building renovation, should definitely improve the energy performance of the building by appropriate measures. Measures such as insulation of roofs and walls or the renewal of the heating system can reduce the energy consumption and the costs involved considerably.

Possible measures to minimise the energy consumption:

  • External wall insulation
  • Roof insulation
  • Window replacement
  • Renovation of heating systems (low temperature boiler, condensing boiler, micro combined heat and power plants, electric heat pumps)
  • Cellar ceiling insulation
  • Solar water heating for the support of warm water and heating

A house should always be considered as a whole when it comes to energy related renovations, so structural damage can be prevented. The measures can be freely combined. But before starting a energetic refurbishment, an energy adviser should be consulted to optimise the individual measures for the respective building.

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