Our priority is to avoid a loss of rent in the industrial area

Bad debt losses affect the performance of industrial objects considerably, because the credit-worthiness of the tenants within one object often varies greatly. Sometimes the loss of only one tenant can cause payment problems for the object and/or the owner. That is why AGENA Grundbesitz Management places great value in a skilled receivables management in the industrial area.

We implement demands with competence and sensitivity

Receivables management is a task that requires competence and sensitivity equally. The task is to both enforce the demands of the creditors, but also to safeguard the interests of the debtors, especially when the liquidity problems of a debtor are only temporary.

With specialists from the legal and tax branches, an immediate and targeted processing of rental demands is initiated by continuous "Controlling" of the accounts: with individual reminders, personal exhortation, payment agreements, telephone debt collection, cooperation with regional debt advisors and long-term supervision of the judicial actions.

We try to recognize dangerous situations at an early stage

Especially in the industrial management an efficient industrial monitoring and early recognition of possible payment default risks is necessary, because the tenant structure can contain considerably risks.

Through our partners - i.e. Creditreform/Schufa - we can offer our clients within the administration an even greater protection from possible payment defaults found with industrial properties.

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We develop efficient dunning strategies

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